Northern Forest Woodies Ecomaps, Poster 2, 1 Mar 2018
December 20th, 2018

The second of three posters showing the ecological distribution of trees and shrubs in Northern Forest landscapes and habitats. Together they include diagrams of 18 landscapes and photographs of over 200 species. Poster 2 shows the species of swamps, floodplains, lowland conifer complexes, bogs, fens, and coastal heaths.

Jerry Jenkins, 2018.  Recommended Print Size 54″ x 35″.

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Northern Forest Woodies Poster 2


Photos are high-resolution composites shot in the studio using focus stacking.  Available in multiple sizes and paper, printed by Vivyx.  We recommend selecting 33″x 51″ and gloss photo paper at Vivyx checkout.  Use discount code forestatlas on checkout.

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