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We encourage submission of articles on forest biology in general and our work in particular. Please prepare your article as noted in the Article Guidelines below, and email to the email address below.  We will post your article after review, if appropriate.

The Northern Forest Atlas will be used best if people served add to the body of knowlege presented and help make this a “living document.” Jerry Jenkins and his team, who made this work possible, have invested more than 100 man-years of field research and photography using high levels of camera and computer technology. We hope those who use and enjoy this work will help spread its use. The Northern Forest, from the maritime provinces of Canada and shores of Maine to the prairie edge in western Minnesota and Manitoba, is an essential asset of our planet. This work may help everyone understand the Northern Forest’s value, leading to it’s conservation and protection during coming years of change.

Article Guidelines.  Photo images should be JPG in sizes between 1200×900 and 2400×1800.  We will scale or crop as necessary.  Graphics should be PNG files.  Text font can be any, as we will reformat when we post your article.


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