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Charts are big complex graphics, often with many species on one page. We make one-sided to hang on the wall, and two-sided and foldable for field use. Folding Charts of woody plants, sedges, and mosses are all available now.

Our charts and posters include both large, one-sided wall charts for classroom and lab, and smaller, two-sided, folding charts for the field. We have winter and summer photographic charts for woody plants and diagrammatic charts for the genera of mosses available now. We also have folding Photographic Charts for field use including woody plants, mosses and sedges available by link to Cornell University Press. On-line versions of some of these are available on the Graphics for Download page.

An ecological map, showing the distribution of the upland woody plants of the northern forest…

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The elevation and habitat ranges of the widespread northern forest trees. Jerry Jenkins, 2016.  16″x36″…

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