The goal of the Atlas Project is to produce graphic tools for naturalists and ecologists. The image libraries on this site are one such tool. Others are shown here.

Our products fall into four main categories: charts, photographic guides, digital atlases, and field guides.

Charts are big complex graphics, often with many species on one page. We make one-sided to hang on the wall, and two-sided and foldable for field use. Folding Charts of woody plant leaves and buds are available now; folding charts of sedges are also available now (spring of 2019) and mosses will be available in spring of 2020.

Photographic guides are large easy-to-use books using high resolution studio images. They are essentially a convenient form of the folding charts. Photographic Guides to woody plants and common trees are available now, along with folding charts as Comstock imprints from Cornell University Press; Photographic Guide to sedges is available now from Cornell University Press (spring of 2019) and mosses in spring of 2020.

The digital atlases, an Atlas Foundation specialty, are collections of images, diagrams, and text, that can be zoomed to show structural details at up to 30x magnification. They also use icons and identification diagrams, two more Atlas specialties, to show ecology and critical characteristics. The digital atlas of bryophytes will be available about December of 2019. The digital atlas of woody plants is also scheduled for December of 2019.

Field guides are full-length books, with drawings, text, maps, and diagrams, intended for field identification. The first field guide, to woody plants, is in preparation now, and should be published in 2021, by Cornell University Press.

We also have a a collection of miscellaneous graphics that don’t fit into the above categories. You may view them as high-resolution .svg graphics on the Graphics for Download page, or download and print them as .pdfs. They are free for personal, nonprofit, and educational use; please credit us if you use them in lectures or publications.

We plan to make a few decorative products, including placemats for educational dining, available sometime in future.

A lot of work has gone into these products, and we are proud of the results. If you like them, or find them useful, or know how they can be improved, please let us know.

The Atlas Project should be acknowledged for all uses ((©Northern Forest Atlas Foundation). Graphics may not be published or posted to other websites without permission. For permission or for commercial use of graphics, please contact us below.

Four¬†annotated photomontages showing about 50 woody plants and 13 forest herbs from the lowland boreal.…
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