NFA Landscape Type Videos illustrate best examples of each type found within the Northern Forest together with clips showing type diversity. The category More Videos includes videos of our filming aircraft and unusual features within the Northern Forest such as impacts by man and beavers in Altered Wetlands and historical video flights over bogs and peatlands in Bog Transects, providing a permanent record of bog condition on dates flown. These will be useful as a baseline for climate change effects over time.

Video footage has been accumulated since 2007 in a range of camera resolutions including 4K to 6K. We continue to shoot video from the AirCam (our specialized camera airplane) in 4K and from 2 drones in 4K, 5K, and 6K We gradually replace some older video footage. Older Bog Transects will be kept as a permanent record of bog condition.

Important! Click the gear symbol in lower right corner of each video to select highest resolution appropriate for your computer or device up to 2160p (4K).

Part 1 includes bogs with names beginning a through g, filmed in 2011. These transects…